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How am I sure my investment is safe if I buy into this estate?

  1. We have gone extra miles to ensure that Pleasant hills Estate is free from all legal and caveats, communal and environmental encumbrances. We work in 100% compliance with regulatory government agencies to ensure our clients are safe and assured.

Are there other charges associated with the land?

  1. Yes. An intending buyer will pay 5% of the total cost of land as survey and legal fees. Subscribers will also pay a onetime fee for construction development which will cover setting out, excavation and supervision.

What kind of Infrastructure will Noblegrounds provide?

  1. Noblegrounds will provide perimeter fencing, interlocked roads, security post and other infrastructures like; electricity, recreation center, drainages, street. This can be spread as development is going on.

Is there any restriction to the type of building I can build?

  1. Yes. You are to build in conformity with the estate prototype. We have pocket friendly and beautiful designs for duplexes and pent house bungalows

If I stop payments after subscribing, can I get my money back?

  1. Yes. Your investment shall be fully refunded within a reasonable period upon request less our administrative charges.

What kind of title do I get?

  1. A detailed Survey plan scheduled with a Deed of Assignment. These documents shall be used to process individual CofO for the subscribed plot.